Fertility Enhancing Program

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Are you looking for the best ways to enhance your fertility naturally?
Personal Program - $1,500

Both women and men can benefit when making the individual decision to focus on their fertility health. The decision to start is such a powerful one and, though it is personal, I am here to support you and cheer you on.  All it takes is a small step together to change your mindset and move toward fertility wellness.

*Monthly payment option available.
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Couples Program - $2,250

Couples working together to optimize their fertility experience the highest levels of program success. A customized action plan supports individual and collective decision making. When decisions are aligned, achieving shared goals becomes possible. Plus, cheering each other on makes change that much easier (and more fun)!

*Monthly payment option available.

I am here to provide support, guidance, and – ultimately – help you optimize your natural fertility potential. I provide a personalized plan, confidence through education, and guided Wellness Pathways so you can take charge of your fertility.  


Be proactive and prepare your body for conception with genuine support to keep you on track for your fertility goals. Through education and wellness planning, you can put your health first and regain a sense of control. Not only will you feel better but you will enhance your fertility in the process!

Stress, poor diet, inadequate sleep, and exercise, as well as certain environmental factors, have a significant impact on fertility.  The egg and sperm are the foundation of every cell in your future child's body.  It is essential to optimize your health and fertility wellness from within for the best foundation for success.  Fertility wellness should ideally begin at least three months prior to getting pregnant for both women and men.

With that in mind, now, is the best time to start!

This comprehensive 12-week fertility-enhancing program includes
  • Deep Dive Planning Call including an extensive intake review and goal setting.

  • Customized roadmap using my Wellness Pathway™ design to maximize chances for natural conception.

  • Five Pathway Calls covering each of the Wellness Pathways™.

  • Closure Call to review your program and plan for moving forward with success.

  • Ongoing accountability and email check-ins throughout the 12-week program.

  • Includes more than 25 Wellness Pathway™ guides, activity sheets, and tools that support your individual and collective program journey.

  • Over 30 bonus recipes with notes, shopping lists, and nutritional information to help you stay on track.

Wellness Pathways

Online Fertility Support | Trusted IVF Support | Embrace Fertility

I use an integrative health and wellness approach to natural fertility optimization. My Wellness Pathway™ system focuses on making small impactful changes to produce lasting results in lifestyle areas that can benefit reproductive health.

Nutrition & Hydration

Food should be enjoyed, not restricted, so you feel good about what you're eating.  Empower your fertility through nourishment and mindfulness.

Stress Management and Resilience

Stress is powerful and can wreak havoc on hormones, but with education and support, you can utilize tools that give you the ability to gain control and calm.

Sleep & Environment

Sleep must be optimized for hormonal balance and restorative effects.  We'll also examine what you're putting on and in your body to prevent overlooked exposures from undermining your hard work and outcome.

Relationships & Connection

While you're going through the struggles and ups-and-downs, it’s imperative to keep the lines of communication open and focus on connecting with your loved ones.

Movement & Sexual Health

Restorative movement is vital to keep hormones balanced and help manage stress levels.  The stress of infertility can be a cause of sexual difficulties for both partners, we'll look at ways to improve intimacy and sexual health.