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IVF Gift Guide 🎁

Knowing what to say or how to be there for a friend or family member struggling with fertility can be difficult. While you can’t magically bring them IVF success, showing your support with a thoughtful gift will make things just a little bit easier.

Read on for some great ideas for IVF gifts to provide an invaluable boost to your loved one’s IVF spirit.

🦋 Fertility Journal

Many women going through fertility treatment find a journal an extremely useful resource. Keeping a journal can help manage some of the emotions the process stirs and writing is beneficial for many to express themselves during this time. There are many cute journals available on Etsy!

🦋 Gift Cards for services she will use

Fertility treatment can bring extra stress, on top of our normal everyday stressors. Why not gift your loved one a certificate for one or two treatments to help combat their stress? A few options:

  • Manicure & pedicure

  • Fertility massage

  • Acupuncture

  • Fertility yoga

A 1:1 session with an experienced fertility coach may be just what your loved one needs to feel more supported and understood. A safe space to discuss fertility concerns and emotions with someone who gets it can make a priceless impact.

🦋 IVF Medication Kit

An easy way to be more in control during IVF is by storing your medications and injection supplies in an organized, simple manner. My vitro products offer essential items and great ways to store all things needed for IVF injections!

🦋 Pineapple Clothing & Jewelry 🍍

Why does the pineapple mean so much to the fertility community? Pineapple is tough on the outside with sharp edges, but sweet on the inside. This is a metaphor for trying to conceive. They must first go through the hard parts of infertility and fertility treatment, to receive the wonderful result of a sweet child at the end of their journey. From stress balls to sweatshirts, socks, and jewelry, many of these items are actually created by former IVF warriors themselves!

🦋 Pill Box

Did someone say supplement? Your IVF bestie is likely taking multiple pills each day. To help them stay on track, grab a cute medication pill box for them to store and remember to take their meds.

🦋 Cute Bandages

No one enjoys the injections, but an easy way to lighten the mood is to give some fun, colorful Band-Aids. Look for ones that feature her favorite items, character, or a modern design.

🦋 IVF Medication Bag

To keep medications easily accessible, an IVF bag can be helpful. Injections often need to be done in random or unexpected places, having a cute pouch to store supplies in to grab-and-go is helpful.

🦋 IVF Milestone & Empowerment Cards

Finding the right way to show you care can be challenging, and knowing the right thing to say can be even more difficult. A beautiful and truly thoughtful way to honor someone’s journey is with IVF Milestone & Empowerment Cards, the perfect way to show your silent support!

🦋 IVF Care Package

IVF care packages are an excellent way to let them know you’re thinking of them as they go through this daunting process. Gather up a collection of IVF gifts or special items your loved one is sure to enjoy. You may want to feature the pineapple to bring even more meaning and provide a little boost of inspiration to keep going.

In addition to the ideas above, you can include:

  • A thoughtful IVF card

  • Flowers

  • Some of her favorite foods

  • Good book

  • Essential oils

  • Candle

Remember, the smallest gifts can make an enormous impact.

As with most things, it truly is the thought that counts. Just knowing you care enough to make an effort will speak volumes to your loved one!

Embrace Fertility offers IVF Cycle Coaching, 1:1 Fertility Support, and Fertility Wellness Programs for your complete fertility and IVF journey. Click here to learn more.

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