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1:1 Fertility Support Sessions

To discuss ALL of your fertility and IVF concerns.

As a fertility nurse and friend, who has been on both sides of the endless needles and ultrasound wands, I bring a unique background with decades of experience. 


No matter where you are in the process, I will listen and support you without judgment, providing personalized care and a trusted ally as you navigate the complex world of fertility.   

IVF coaching and fertility support

1:1 Fertility Support Sessions Include:

  • 60 min video or phone call with your fertility expert and IVF coach​

  • a safe, non-judgmental space

  • genuine compassion and emotional support

  • in-depth fertility education on diagnostic testing, lifestyle areas to improve fertility health, and all things IVF and beyond

  • guidance about your fertility journey

  • a trigger-free zone

  • venting about your fertility frustrations

  • anything at all!!

1:1 Fertility Support Session Pricing

1 session - $200

3 sessions - $500

5 sessions - $900

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