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As an advocate, Embrace Fertility™ is always looking to increase awareness and education about fertility wellness.  Spreading the word about the small, but powerful actions each of us can take to enhance our fertility, and how to take care of our WHOLE selves throughout the process.  


My hope is that the articles, videos, and podcast will reach someone in need, letting them know they are not alone.  Genuine, unwavering support is available.


The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Podcast

Why You Should Hire An IVF Coach

Listen in as Dr. Kela Robinson Smith and Lauren discuss all things IVF and why an IVF is a valuable member of your fertility team!

New podcast with IVF Coach Lauren and Dr Kela Smith

Whether you have PCOS or not, this a great episode if you're currently wanting to get pregnant, want to get pregnant in the future, or are curious about the IVF process.

PCOS Divas Podcast IVF, Fertility Goals, and Improving Egg Quality

Fruitful & Multiplying Podcast

From Donating My Eggs To Fertility Coaching

Join my interview with Elana Frank of The Jewish Fertility Foundation. JFF helps hopeful parents by providing financial assistance, emotional support, and infertility education to those struggling to build their families.

Podcast appearance discussing egg donation and fertility coaching.

Living to Love Yourself Podcast

Fertility Support: Optimizing Natural Fertility

Listen in as I talk with Rashmi of @karmichealthlife. We delve into fertility support and ways to enhance fertility from within.

Podcast appearance discussing optimizing natural fertility


Doctor woman clicks a IVF acronym button on a virtual panel. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Getting ready to start IVF? Read on for ten tips before starting from IVF Coach Lauren!

Abbreviation IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) on wooden cubes on a blue background. Medical co

Read this interview with Coach Lauren and Grain Fertility for tips on navigating the IVF journey.

Woman laying in bed

Dive in for tips on how to break the IVF anxiety loop!

Link to an article about what a fertility coach is and how they support your fertility journey.

An overview of what a fertility coach does to support your fertility story.

Online Fertility Support | Trusted IVF Support | Embrace Fertility

Inside there are great tips about this important topic that is too often kept quiet.

Couple's Feet in Bed

If you've ever wondered, check out the 411 on selecting the right lube for you.

Article about 10 things you can do to prep your mind and body for IVF.

Read about 10 ways to help you mentally and physically prepare for the IVF process.

Online Fertility Support | Trusted IVF Support | Embrace Fertility

Read on for simple ways to get control back and navigate your fertility journey confidently.


Fertility Journeys in the COVID-19 Crisis 

Video collaboration with OOVA to provide guidance to those who are unsure of how to move forward on their fertility journeys during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this video, Lauren answers some important questions about COVID-19 and fertility, what we can do for fertility while stuck at home, how we can relieve stress right now, and much more.

Lifestyle & Fertility

It takes a lot of work to fuel the body's ability to create life!  Listen for ways to stop undermining your success by boosting fertility from within. In this interview, Lauren and Alice Crisci, CEO of MedAnswers,  discuss lifestyle areas where small, effective changes will help you boost your fertility naturally.  

Fertility Awareness

In this video, Lauren talks with Dr. Kelly Alhooie of Orthopelvic Physical Therapy about optimizing fertility wellness from within - whether trying naturally or along with fertility treatments - and other tips to empower women to take charge of their fertility.  Great questions at the end!

How to Take Control of Your Fertility

With COVID-19 causing a great deal of starts and stops, many infertility patients continue to find their treatment plans once again, on hold.  Listen to this interview with Lauren and Alice Crisci,  CEO of MedAnswers, as they discuss proactive, at-home natural fertility strategies for hopeful parents to make the most of this tumultuous time.

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