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The Ultimate IVF Cycle Coaching Experience

Online Fertility Support | Trusted IVF Support | Embrace Fertility

Have a better IVF experience with your own IVF Coach!

Infertility and IVF can be all-consuming.  You deserve to feel confident and in control through the ups, downs, and everything in between.  

I know firsthand fertility clinics are at capacity serving a vital purpose, providing the very best clinical care possible.  An IVF Coach is there for everything else with compassion and clarity about what is happening to you and your body every step of your IVF cycle. 

"I never knew this type of fertility support existed." 

Whether you are waiting on your first IVF consultation, anxiously awaiting your period to get your first IVF calendar, or if you're about to begin injections for a new IVF cycle, do it with more confidence!

The right IVF coach will ensure you understand each part of the process, from your first monitoring appointment and injections through to your procedure day when all your hard work finally pays off!

It's okay to ask for help with this chapter of your fertility story. 🦋

IVF coach and fertility nurse providing expert fertility support.

The Ultimate IVF Cycle Coaching Experience Includes:

  • 30 minute initial call to understand your fertility journey, your past struggles, concerns & more!


  • 90 minute 1:1 meeting to review your medications, protocol, cycle expectations, tips and more prior to officially starting your IVF cycle 

  • 1:1 calls EVERY day of your cycle monitoring to educate and empower you to take an active role in your IVF cycle. During these calls I will:

    • explain what your blood work and ultrasound results mean

    • ensure medication instructions are clear and avoid last minute medication issues

    • update cycle expectations from daily monitoring results

    • guide you with the next steps for treatment

    • suggest questions to ask your clinic to advocate for yourself and the best outcome


  • 1:1 Exit call including comprehensive review of IVF treatment upon cycle completion

  • Valuable resources to support each step of your IVF journey including:

    • Personalized calendar to track monitoring results​

    • IVF Cycle Complete Record

    • Must-Do's Before IVF

    • What To Know Before IVF

    • How To Have A Low Stress Retrieval

    • Surviving the TWW

    • Questions To Ask After An IVF Cycle

  • As always, you will have a safe, non-judgmental space for:

    • compassion and emotional support

    • in-depth fertility education

    • guidance about your fertility journey

    • venting about your fertility frustrations

    • anything at all!!

  • Unlimited email and text access to your own personal IVF guru 

  • BONUS: IVF Empowerment & IVF Milestone Cards ($80 Value)

    • to gain confidence and a badass IVF mindset​

    • to pump yourself up for important steps in your IVF journey

    • to inspire you to keep going on your hardest days

What My Clients Say

Online Fertility Support | Trusted IVF Support | Embrace Fertility

Courtney L. - IVF Cycle Warrior

"She made me feel completely empowered and held me on my hardest days." 

She helped teach me so much about advocacy, what I needed to know/ask/do, helped me then through  my second MC and then my first IVF cycle.  She made me feel completely empowered and held me on my hardest days, and is someone I consider a friend, who continually checks in on me when I am not working with her. She will text me every week to see how I am even though I haven't worked with her for over a month.  She genuinely cares. 

Never would of made it through my TTC without you by my side! ❤️ Ladies, if you're not sure about reaching out to Lauren, DO IT!!!

Online Fertility Support | Trusted IVF Support | Embrace Fertility

Missy C. - IVF Cycle Warrior


The Ultimate IVF Cycle Coaching Experience

First Cycle -                 $1250

Second Cycle or after - $1000

IVF Coaching and fertility support pricing
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