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Are you looking for the best ways to enhance your fertility naturally?


Stress, poor diet, inadequate sleep, and exercise, as well as certain environmental factors, have a significant impact on fertility.

It’s important to note that the health of both you and your partner influences reproductive potential. It also provides the health blueprint for your future child.

Through education and wellness planning, you can put your health first and regain a sense of control. Not only will you feel better but you will enhance your fertility in the process!

No two journeys to parenthood are the same.
Embrace Fertility™ programs work best for women and men who…

Are seeking evidence-based ways to boost natural fertility without any extra pills or injections.

Want a trusted ally to provide lifestyle fertility support and guidance if you are trying on your own or enduring fertility treatment.

Are ready to put in the work to get their fertility wellness back on track and regain control.

Want to start family planning with optimal fertility wellness as a priority.  

Have been diagnosed with PCOS or other hormone imbalance, endometriosis, decreased ovarian reserve, male factor, unexplained infertility or other condition affecting fertility. 

Fertility wellness should ideally begin at least three months prior to getting pregnant for both women and men. With that in mind, now, is the best time to start!

Western technology is not always the full answer and our programs complement your fertility treatment with your reproductive endocrinologist.  These programs are not a replacement for their medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and are meant to enhance your chances of success with assisted reproductive treatment.

Book your complimentary Fusion Call today!  This call helps to ensure we are a good fit, which is an essential determinant of program success.


Fertility Enhancing Program

The egg and sperm are the foundation of every cell in your future child's body.  It is essential to optimize your health and fertility wellness first.  Now is the time to be proactive and prepare your body for conception with personalized support to keep you on track for your fertility wellness goals.

12-week Personal Program - $1,500

Both women and men can benefit when making the individual decision to focus on their fertility health. The decision to start is such a powerful one and, though it is personal, I am here to support you and cheer you on.  All it takes is a small step together to change your mindset and move toward fertility wellness.

*Monthly payment option available.
12-week Couples Program - $2,250

Couples working together to optimize their fertility experience the highest levels of program success. A customized action plan supports individual and collective decision making. When decisions are aligned, achieving shared goals becomes possible. Plus, cheering each other on makes change that much easier (and more fun)!

*Monthly payment option available.
My 12 week fertility-enhancing program includes:

90-minute Deep Dive Planning Call including a comprehensive intake review with goal setting.

One customized roadmap using my Wellness Pathway™ design to maximize chances for natural conception.

Five Pathway Calls covering each of the five Wellness Pathways™.

One Closure Call to provide an opportunity to review your pathway success and discuss an action plan as you move forward.

Over 30 bonus recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and smoothies with notes, shopping lists, and nutritional information to help you stay on track.

Ongoing accountability and email check-ins throughout the program.

Extensive educational resources including more than 25 Wellness Pathway™ guides, activity sheets, and tools that support your individual and collective program journey.


Treatment Partner

Embrace Fertility™ is here as a trusted ally to support you, encourage you, and provide you with valuable insight about your fertility journey.


I will be there for your complete treatment cycle to provide compassion and clarity about what is happening to you and your body.  We’ll spend time before, during, and following your treatment to ensure you fully understand each phase so you can proceed confidently.  

This service is virtual so you can remain in the comfort and safety of your home during our conversations.

First Cycle - $500
Second Cycle - $400
Third Cycle & Beyond - $350
This program includes:

Initial 30-minute call to discuss where your fertility journey has taken you.

One 90-minute Pre-Cycle Call to review your treatment plan, medication protocol clarification, and cycle expectations.

Your own Cycle Guide for tracking each phase through your treatment including medication dose, blood work and ultrasound results.

Same day 15-minute calls on monitoring days throughout your cycle as well as on Egg Retrieval and/or Embryo Transfer Day.

Closure call to review outcome and plans.

Ongoing email support.

1 on 1 Fertility Support

We'll spend 50 minutes discussing your fertility goals and concerns so you will feel successful in making lifestyle improvements that will enhance your fertility.  Small steps can make a big impact on your future fertility. 


No matter where you are in the process, I am here to listen and support you with education, personalized care, and a trusted ally.  

This service is virtual so you can remain in the comfort and safety of your home during our conversations.

60 Minutes - $150/session
5 sessions - $600
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*My services are not intended to be a substitute for seeking and following medical advice, medical diagnosis or treatment from your physician.  

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