About Lauren

Hi, I'm Lauren!


Since 2004, I have been a fertility nurse.


I should tell you, my first inclination right now is to type out - in great detail - my full professional resume with explanatory comments. I am a fan of formality which is a very good thing in terms of clinical practice but misses the mark when sharing one's life passion. With that in mind, I am going about this differently. You are welcome.


Again, back to 2004, when I became a fertility nurse...


Graduating from nursing school and landing my first gig in a fertility practice was the best. I was happy, motivated, and itching to start the next chapter of my life. But it was summer '05 that forever changed me. It's also the reason why I am here, doing what I am doing, today.

It was a pretty normal weeknight, for my thirty-something self. I was plodding away at a puzzle while munching on a slice of cheese pizza (riveting, I know) when my phone rang. I was on-call for the fertility practice so I instantly morphed from puzzle master Lauren into fertility nurse Lauren. On the other end of this after-hours call was a patient with medication questions. In the time it took me to take in one pre-response breath, I knew she needed more than her med questions answered, she needed me.

Though I don't remember every word of the conversation, I remember hanging up the phone after the call feeling different.  I truly sensed the power of seeing the big picture and knowing exactly how to help. It was as if purpose was a person and she was hugging me tight. Oh, so tight. A bear-hug level embrace.


That night I knew I was meant to help people. Not in a this-is-your-fertility-nursing-job way but in a patients-need-more-than-a-clinical-protocol way. 

Fertility medicine as a practice is focused on clinical treatment. And, unfortunately, emotional needs associated with care are often marked secondary, if addressed at all. Emotional health education, wellness plans, and having a neutral partner helping to make sense of it all isn't par for the course.


That's why I am here.

That's why I care.

That's why you should set up a complimentary Fusion Call with me.


Let's talk, embrace your journey, and keep you moving forward.

(Virtual hugs, optional.)


~ Lauren


I'm excited to hear how I can help you!

Just a little more about Lauren....

Lauren Haring, RN, a fertility nurse since 2004 with over 15 years of experience on the front lines at a world-renowned fertility clinic.  She is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and earned the Optimal Fertility Certification from The Integrative Women's Health Institute.  Lauren is continually expanding her knowledge of integrative fertility wellness support. 

Throughout her years at the clinic, she was lucky enough to serve as a Fertility Nurse Specialist, Clinical Manager of the Fertility Preservation Center, Director of Nursing, Practice Manager, and Practice Development Consultant.

Lauren was an egg donor and as such, has also been a distinguished speaker at seminars for potential donor recipients.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."       

 ~ Maya Angelou

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