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Get to Know Lauren

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I'm Lauren

My experience in the fertility world spans decades, twisting and turning in surprising ways.  But the two truths that guide me are constant...

  1. I want to make a difference.

  2. There is one thing I know best: How to make babies.

I use my knowledge as a fertility nurse to guide you through the complex world of fertility as a trusted ally, with you every step. 

I'm excited to learn how I can help you!

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My Mission

Everyone is deserving of confidently going through IVF. Embrace Fertility is on a mission to improve the IVF experience and empower women through expert guidance, personalized education, and compassionate support to be a better advocate and take control of their IVF journey.

My Why

As a fertility nurse and friend, who has been on both sides of the endless needles and ultrasound wands, I know firsthand that fertility clinics are at capacity serving a vital purpose.  Preventative measures, emotional care, wellness plans, and simply having a trusted shoulder to lean on as you try to make sense of it all can transform one's fertility experience from traumatic to rewarding.  I am here to keep you moving forward, full of hope.

My Story

A decision to donate my eggs to help pay for nursing school was the first step of many leading me to my purpose.  Serving 16 years at a world-renowned fertility clinic a longing to fill the "human" gap I sensed was missing, and empathizing with my patients through my own miscarriage each impacted my path here. 

My Promise

I am a fertility specialist for ALL aspiring parents.  Infertility doesn't select based on your DNA, gender identity, or relationship status and neither do I.  Our goal together is to grow your family, and my holistic approach will leave the whole you healthier and more capable.

Embrace Fertility In Action

As an advocate, I contribute to leading publications and resources as much as possible.  I am always eager to spread the word on fertility support and the small but impactful steps we can each take to enhance our fertility.  Explore more resources here.

Online Fertility Support | Trusted IVF Support | Embrace Fertility

When trying to conceive, it is too easy to fall down the rabbit hole and let it consume every thought. This article has some simple ways to get control back and navigate your fertility journey confidently.

Online Fertility Support | Trusted IVF Support | Embrace Fertility

It takes a lot of work to fuel the body's ability to create life! Watch this interview for ways to stop undermining your success by boosting fertility from within.

Podcast appearance about optimizing natural fertility

Listen in as I talk with Rashmi Patel of @karmichealthlife. We delve into fertility support and ways to enhance fertility from within.

Just a little more about Lauren....

Lauren Haring is a fertility nurse since 2004, with over 16 years of experience on the front lines at a world-renowned fertility clinic.  She is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and earned the Optimal Fertility Certification from The Integrative Women's Health Institute.  Lauren is continually expanding her knowledge of integrative fertility wellness support. 

Throughout her years at the clinic, she was lucky enough to serve as a Fertility Nurse Specialist, Clinical Manager of the Fertility Preservation Center, Director of Nursing, Practice Manager, and Practice Development Consultant.

Lauren was an egg donor and as such, has also been a distinguished speaker at seminars for potential donor recipients.

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