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Meant To Be - My Fertility Nursing Journey

Life truly is full of surprises! As well as twists, turns, and new opportunities.

I’ve finally reached where I was meant to be.

While in nursing school, I stumbled upon egg donation and filled out an application as a joke looking for creative ways to help pay for my education. When I got the call someone wanted my eggs, I immediately transformed into a serious career woman. My job was to follow the fertility clinic’s instructions to the letter, do all of my injections correctly, show up when and where told, and do my best - no different than any other job I’ve held.

I don’t know how to give less than 110% and felt so great about what I was doing, that I just knew the fertility field was the right path for my nursing career. In 16 years at a world-renowned fertility clinic, I held in various positions as a patient care coordinator, director of nursing, practice manager, clinical nurse specialist and as a practice development consultant. As I moved further up the ladder and away from direct patient care (as well as my family), I realized I was missing something.

There were two things I was sure of: I wanted to make a difference and I only knew how to help make babies. In fact, my response when someone finds out I’m a nurse is that I can’t save their life - I only know how to make life! While it’s true, I am CPR certified and in theory, could attempt to save someone’s life in an emergency, my entire career was spent learning how to support my fertility patients in their journey with education and empathy.

Fertility calm

Since that is all I know how to do, I was ecstatic when I realized I could stay in the fertility field and continue to help women and men, both before they may even see a fertility specialist, as well as those who are actively seeking assistance from a reproductive endocrinologist. There are so many lifestyle areas that are not addressed by many OBs and fertility clinics as they are already at capacity explaining vitally important topics such as how the menstrual cycle works, what diagnostic tests are and implications of the results, treatment options and protocols including medications to avoid mistakes that could impact treatment success (just to name a few!).

I am so excited to offer integrative fertility support to women and men seeking reproductive clarity and guidance. I’ve finally reached where I’m meant to be and I can’t wait to learn how I can help you.

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