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Embrace Fertility

IVF Coaching

Expert Fertility Support

Don't let IVF consume you!


Do you want a better IVF experience?

Embrace Fertility™ programs are designed to empower you on your IVF journey. It is essential to have a trusted ally in your corner to ensure you understand what is happening to you and your body every step.


Learn to confidently navigate this complex treatment and be a better fertility advocate along the way.


Take control of your IVF story!

Whether your mind is wandering as you sit in the waiting room at your fertility clinic or you are endlessly searching the web at 3AM, it’s time to ask for help.


My experience in the fertility world spans decades, twisting and turning in surprising ways.


But the two truths that guide me are constant: 

I want to make a difference and there is one thing I know best... How to help make babies.

Since 2004, I have been a fertility nurse, but I am so much more! I am an egg donor, #1in4, froze my own eggs, and an IVF Coach!

Online Fertility Support | Trusted IVF Support | Embrace Fertility
Best Fertility Coach Winner for 2023 Badge

Meet Lauren

IVF Support

Lauren Haring, IVF coach and fertility nurse providing 1:1 fertility support

IVF Cycle Coaching

Fertility treatment brings the whole spectrum of emotions from excited to anxious, hopeful, and everything in between. As your IVF coach and partner, you will feel empowered through personalized education, expert guidance, and true compassion so you can confidently take  on IVF. 


Have a better IVF experience! Lauren will be there with you for every step, helping you thrive during your IVF cycle. 


1 on 1 Fertility Support

Sometimes you need a little more - a trusted ally to bridge the gap between medical care and personalized attention.  We'll work together to identify areas of concern so you feel supported, and ultimately have a more positive fertility journey. 


No matter where you are in the process, Lauren is here as your personal fertility guru who has both your success and well-being at heart.  

IVF Empowerment Card Deck

Silent IVF Support & Resources 🫶

Conquer IVF with confidence using your very own IVF Empowerment & IVF Milestone Cards. These beautiful cards will give you an internal pep talk to remind you that you are strong enough to handle whatever IVF throws at you. Check out our simple fertility-boosting recipes!

Own the F out of your IVF journey with these badass IVF support cards & MORE in the Embrace Fertility Store!

IVF Cycle Coaching complements your treatment with your fertility team and is not a replacement for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

Schedule a FREE Connection Call to get to know me and ensure we are a good fit!

Online Fertility Support | Trusted IVF Support | Embrace Fertility

Courtney L. - IVF Cycle Warrior

"She made me feel completely empowered and held me on my hardest days. She genuinely cares." 

Online Fertility Support | Trusted IVF Support | Embrace Fertility

Missy C. - IVF Cycle Warrior

"Never would have made it through my TTC without you by my side! ❤️ 

Ladies, if you're not sure about reaching out to Lauren, DO IT!!!

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