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Meet Lauren - Fertility Nurse and IVF Coach

Read about My Why, how I knew being a fertility nurse was the right place for me.

Hi, I'm Lauren!

Since 2004, I have been a fertility nurse.

I should tell you, my first inclination right now is to type out - in great detail - my full professional resume with explanatory comments. I am a fan of formality which is a very good thing in terms of clinical practice but misses the mark when sharing one's life passion. With that in mind, I am going about this differently. You are welcome.

Again, back to 2004, when I became a fertility nurse...

Graduating from nursing school and landing my first gig in a fertility practice was the best. I was happy, motivated, and itching to start the next chapter of my life. But it was summer '05 that forever changed me. It's also the reason why I am here, doing what I am doing, today. It was a pretty normal weeknight, for my thirty-something self. I was plodding away at a puzzle while munching on a slice of cheese pizza (riveting, I know) when my phone rang. I was on-call for the fertility practice so I instantly morphed from puzzle master Lauren into fertility nurse Lauren. On the other end of this after-hours call was a patient with medication questions. In the time it took me to take in one pre-response breath, I knew she needed more than her med questions answered, she needed me. Though I don't remember every word of the conversation, I remember hanging up the phone after the call feeling different. I truly sensed the power of seeing the big picture and knowing exactly how to help. It was as if purpose was a person and she was hugging me tight. Oh, so tight. A bear-hug level embrace. That night I knew I was meant to help people. Not in a this-is-your-fertility-nursing-job way but in a patients-need-more-than-a-clinical-protocol way.

Fertility medicine as a practice is focused on clinical treatment. And, unfortunately, emotional needs associated with care are often marked secondary, if addressed at all. Emotional health education, wellness plans, and having a neutral partner helping to make sense of it all isn't par for the course. That's why I am here. That's why I care. That's why you should set up a complimentary Fusion Call with me. Let's talk, embrace your journey, and keep you moving forward. (Virtual hugs, optional.) ~ Lauren 💕

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