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What is a Fertility Coach? Your Guide to Fertility Coaches and How to Find the Perfect One For You

Making a baby isn’t always easy: Add that to the list of things they didn’t teach us in sex ed. In fact, about 10 percent of women in the U.S. (that’s 6.1 million of us!) have difficulty getting or staying pregnant. The CDC even recommends seeing a doctor after unsuccessfully trying to conceive for one year if under 35 years and six months if over 35.

Infertility is still a taboo subject, so for many of us, the inability to get pregnant as soon as we’re ready comes as a shock. Surrounded by growing families and happy babies, it is easy to feel increasingly isolated.

Your pain is real. Your pain is valid. But you are not alone, support is available.

What is a Fertility Coach?

Put simply, Fertility Coaches support people on their journey to becoming parents. There are many different styles of coaching and types of coaches. Some fertility coaches focus on emotional support to help us cope throughout a taxing journey. Others may work with you on health, nutrition, hormones, or support through specific types of fertility treatment.

My integrative approach encompasses each of these facets. I see us as whole humans, understanding that every piece of our puzzle impacts our fertility.

As a fertility nurse and friend who has been on both sides of the endless needles and ultrasound wands, I know firsthand that fertility clinics are at capacity serving a vital purpose, providing the very best clinical care. Your wonderful physicians and fertility team are there to provide medical advice and treatment, diagnose conditions, and prescribe medications. Fertility Coaches are there for everything else.


Naturally Enhance Your Fertility as You Prepare to Conceive

Many factors affect fertility, and we often don’t consider the impacts of our lifestyle choices until we’re actively trying to conceive. Stress levels, nutrition, exercise habits, quality of sleep, and living environments each influence the foundation of our fertility health.

An integrative Fertility Coach will guide you through lifestyle changes designed to enhance the health of your eggs, sperm, and reproductive systems, increasing your fertility health from within. They can help you prioritize your fertility wellness before conceiving and while you’re actively trying, so your fertility health is optimized for success.

Offer Individualized Support

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to starting a family, especially when suffering with infertility. Your journey is unique. A Fertility Coach is able to give you one-on-one attention, understand your specific history, and provide a roadmap designed exactly for you. They’ll stand with you through each twist and turn, using their training to present you with all possible options, guiding you forward with hope.

One-on-one counseling support is valuable so you can talk through fertility and emotional concerns, vent your frustrations in a safe environment, and have an accountability partner for lifestyle improvements you’re working on.

Advocate for You

If you do struggle to become or stay pregnant, each next step can become increasingly difficult to navigate alone. Thanks to scientific research and advances, we have options: Intrauterine insemination (IUI), In vitro fertilization (IVF), Egg donation, Sperm donation, and more.

But how do you know the right next step for you? How do you know when it’s time to seek fertility treatment? And how do you know what to ask your medical team?

Your Fertility Coach will become your biggest advocate. They’ll help you process information, fully understand your options, and raise the questions you may not even think to ask. With their guidance, you’ll learn how to advocate for yourself, too.

Supports You Through IVF & Other Fertility Treatments

If you do decide to seek fertility treatment, a Fertility Coach can guide you through it. Specifically, an IVF Cycle Partner or coach can act as your right hand at each step, providing compassion and clarity about what is happening to you and your body.

Throughout the whirlwind of appointments, monitoring, procedures, and all of the emotional highs and lows each step brings, your Fertility Coach will be there for you.

How do I find the right fertility coach for me?

Each Fertility Coach brings a unique perspective based on their education, training, background, personality, and life experience. There are many wonderful coaches out there - thinking through these questions will help you figure out who’s best for you!

  • What would I like to see in my coach’s background? What type of education, training, or experience is important for my coach to have?

  • Am I looking for emotional support, lifestyle recommendations, or both?

  • Do I want my coach to have experience with a specific fertility-impacting condition?

  • Do I want my coach to have experience with a specific type of fertility treatment?

  • What type of support am I looking for? Do I want one-on-one support? Do I want to join a program or a group?

  • What type of personality do I hope my coach will have?

  • Is my coach’s location or time zone important? Do they offer virtual support?

Once you have an idea of what matters most to you in a Fertility Coach, you can begin your search on the right foot. Here are some places to consider starting.

  1. Ask your fertility clinic or others you trust for recommendations

  2. Do your own research online using your own criteria

  3. Look through the coaches partnered with fertility resources like Robyn, Fertility Circle, or Fertility Answers

As you navigate the ups and downs of trying to conceive, a Fertility Coach can act as a crucial companion, trusted support system, fierce advocate, and bringer of hope.

Embrace Fertility offers integrative fertility support for your complete fertility and IVF journey. Click here to learn more.

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